Archiving a contact will remove it from the available list of contacts and place it in the Archived section.

It will not remove the contact from any related items such as Invoices or Maintenance items, but will no longer show the contact when typing the name into a contact field.

NOTE: If you have Re-Leased synched with Xero, you will not be able to archive a Contact from within Re-Leased, and the Archive button will not appear on the Details page.  Archive the Contact in Xero, and then sync contacts in Re-Leased.

To Archive a Contact

  1. Click on the Contacts menu, select a contact and click on the 'Contact Details' tab
  2. Click Archive at the bottom right side of the page to archive the contact
  3. Click Archive this Contact to archive the item.
  4. Or click Cancel and return to the Contact Summary page

NOTE: If the contact is the primary or account contact for an active tenancy, the contact cannot be archived.