The Property Analysis report is a detailed financial report on a Property and includes Price paid, Rent amounts a WALT calculation and Property Value.

This report can be filtered by: 

  • Reports For - Select a Company
  • Property to Include - Select a Property, or include all
  • Types of Properties to Include - Select a Property Type, or include all
  • Tenancy - Select a Tenancy Type, or include all
  • Options - Click to Exclude Potential Rent
  • Lease types to include - Select which Lease type(s) to include on the report
  • Advanced Options - Click on this link to show the advanced options

Advanced Options

The advanced options will show the values that are going to be used to generate the report, based on the current types of leases you selected.

These can be overwritten with manual values to see how they will affect the report. For instance, if your current Leases have Outgoings of $5,000 you can manually change this to another value to see how the Total Net Rent is affected.

To return to the calculated values, click on the 'Default Values' button.


Clicking on Generate Report on Screen will show the Analysis report.

The Outgoings figure in the report is drawn from the approved budget, if your budget status is draft the report will show $0.