Re-Leased uses Xero tracking to connect invoices entered in Xero to the correct property in Re-Leased.  

Within Xero, it is possible to have two active Tracking Categories, and these may be used in conjunction with add-on programs.  It is recommended to save the other Tracking Category in case you need it for another Add-on.

Using a second Tracking Category with Re-Leased is simply a matter of adding a second tracking category in Xero, for whatever you want to track.  The tracking category can then be used on transactions and in Xero reports.

Setting up a second Tracking Category in Xero

In this example, the second Tracking Category is called Tracking #2.  You can name your second Tracking Category as required and include whatever options will give the results needed in reporting.

For more information on using Tracking for reporting in Xero please refer to the Xero help Guides.

Using the second Tracking Category on Invoices in Re-Leased

There will now be two tracking options on all invoice and rent template screens where this second category can be selected.