If this message is received when adding a new tenancy the reason is linked to the size of your account.  Our subscription rates are based on the number of tenancies in your Billing Group.

There are 2 ways you can resolve this problem.

1. Decrease the number of Current Tenancies so you can add more

Check your current tenancy numbers in the Tenancy list.  

The subscription is based on active tenancies which is any with status of 'current', 'future' or 'expired'.

Check the Expired list for any tenancies which can be cancelled, vacated or archived.

Once a tenancy status is 'cancelled' it is no longer active.

You do not need to archive tenancies to stop them being active, this is based on their terms.

2. Update your Subscription Details

The Subscription Plan Details can be managed from the Settings Menu by any user with Administrator permission.

You will be able to see what plan your account is currently on and if it is a trial you will also see when it started and when it is due to expire. Click Purchase Plan to change your plan.

The plan options available are the standard plans and pricing for your region, check that your currency is correct.  Click Select for the size you require.  The amounts shown in this image are current at the time of publication but may change.
For options in excess of 100 tenancies please email us for a promo code to use on this page.