Automate bulk sending of inspection notices with the Inspection Notice Rules.  Notices are not sent automatically, the rule generates a reminder on the dashboard for users who have inspection notices due to be sent. First set up your inspection notices as correspondence and text message templates, then select Inspection Notice Rules on the Settings Menu.


Click Create New Inspection Notice Rule.


Edit Inspection Notice Rule 

  1. Title: Give the rule a name, add actions, delivery method and templates.
  2. Actions: Specify how long before the inspection notices should be sent. 
  3. Delivery: Set delivery method; email/post/text
  4. Template: Set applicable templates for each step (these have to be loaded beforehand) 
  5.  Default: One rule per company can be set as the default rule.  This is the rule which will remind users to send the notices on the dashboard.

Once all steps are set up, save the rule.