Rent invoices are different from other income invoices, only invoices raised in the Rent section of Tenancies can have a period of time associated with them.  This period of time is used on reports and when actioning arrears.

Rent invoices are raised automatically when they become due based on the current Rent Template, depending on the settings for advance invoice generation within the Tenancy Details section of each tenancy file.  This process only commences when a tenancy is entered.

You may need to manually raise an invoice using this method if:

  • for Xero where previous rent amounts are due, users with Trust Accounting can set an opening balance instead
  • a tenants rent commences on the first of the month following the start of their term and you need to raise an invoice for part of a rental period, the part payment amount is not calculated for you
  • a rent invoice has been voided and needs to be replaced

Generate a One-Off Rent Invoice using the red button in the Rent section of the Tenancy file:

Enter the dates for the period the invoice will cover. The invoice is generated with a description containing the dates entered.  Complete the remaining details for this invoice and then Save