The most efficient way of processing expense invoices is the Process Bulk Expenses function. 

 It can be accessed from the + Quicklinks menu at the top of your screen.

You need to have your invoice documents saved before uploading.  Supported file types are .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png and .pdf.

You have the option to create a folder or upload new documents

1. Click New Folder to create a folder 

2. Click New Document to upload a new expense invoice without creating a folder

The next steps work best if all invoices of the same type are loaded together, for example all of the rates notices.

Click on one of the attachment links in the list to process the expense invoice.

You will see a large preview of the attachment.  Fill in the fields on the left side to enter the details for the expense invoice:

1. Enter the date of the invoice & Due Date of the Invoice 

2. Select the related Property & Related tenancy if applicable. Please see the direct on charge article. 

3. In the FROM section type in the creditor that you wish to pay, in the REFERENCE field this will be the reference on the invoice, DESCRIPTION this is used for the description of the invoice & also appears on the owner's statements.

4. Select the appropriate account code applicable to the expense invoice, select the status of the invoice

5. Select the appropriate action