The most efficient way of processing expense invoices is the Process Bulk Expenses function.  It can be accessed from Income and Expenses, and the + Quicklink menu at the top of your screen.

You need to have your invoice documents saved before uploading.  Supported file types are .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png and .pdf.

If you have more than one company in your account, select it first above the list.  

1. Click Upload Invoice Files, or 

2. Drag and Drop 

3. Previously uploaded attachments which have not yet been processed will remain on the list.  

The next steps work best if all invoices of the same type are loaded together, for example all of the rates notices.

Click on one of the attachment links in the list to process the expense invoice.

You will see a large preview of the attachment.  Fill in the fields on the left side to enter the details for the expense invoice:

  • Set the invoice date and due date
  • Select a related property
  • Optional, select a related tenancy, to invoice the tenant tick On-charge to related tenancy, an income invoice will be raised in the next step once this page has been saved
  • Enter who the invoice is payable to in the From field
  • Add a description
  • Select quantity and price
  • Mark if the amounts entered were inclusive of tax
  • Select account and tax type
  • Select Ledger for Client/Trust Accounting or Property Tracking for Xero
  • Save and Process Next to keep entering more invoices
  • Save, copy details to next to keep entering more invoices, where the details are mostly the same
  • Save and close to finish
  • Archive Invoice file to permanently discard an attachment