Credit notes can be raised for tenants and applied to invoice balances.

Credit notes can also be used to process refunds.  Clients with Trust Accounting do this in Re-Leased by processing a creditors disbursement.  Users connected to Xero can process a refund for unused balances on credit notes in Xero.

There are a number of ways to raise a credit note:

1. Using the + quick link menu on the black bar at the top of your screen

2. From the Invoices section of the tenancy file, using the drop down on the New Invoice button

3. From the income and expenses area, using the drop down on the New Invoice button

4. When vacating a tenancy if they have overpaid or been over invoiced.

Complete the details
  • Select the related property and tenancy (if you started the credit note from the tenancy file, these will already be filled in)
  • The credit note is To the tenants invoice contact
  • Set the date
  • Reference (Optional)
  • Select if amounts are Tax Inclusive or Tax Exclusive
  • Enter a description, quantity and price
  • Select the Account code, this will auto-fill the Tax Type to match
  • The owners ledger or property tracking will already be selected
  • Save