In a portfolio, every property must have an Owner Ledger set up.

Add an Owner Ledger

To add a new Owner Ledger:1. Click Trust Accounts

The trust account will display. If there are multiple trust accounts:

2. Click Expand

3. Click the desired Trust Account

4. Click Rental ledger balance

5. Click New Owners Ledger

Create a New Owners Ledger

In Create a New Owners Ledger:

1. In Owner, enter the Owner Contact Name. If the owner contact has already been created, Re-Leased will search for and populate the existing Owner Contact.

If the owner contact has not yet been created, enter the owner First Name and Last Name

2. In Related Property, click the desired property ledger. If the property has not been loaded yet, enter the Ledger Title

3. Click the Payment Method

4. Enter the owner contact Bank Details

5. Click the desired Account for Owner Disbursement account code

6. In Expenditure Limit, enter the agreed owner expenditure limit, if applicable

7. Click the desired Disbursement Profiles

8. Click the desired Send Owner Statement option

9. Click the desired Owner Statement Option

10. Click Save.