Each property in your portfolio needs to have it's own Landlord Ledger.

To add a new Landlords Ledger:

1. Go to the Trust Accounting or Client Accounting menu.

2. Select the Account you will hold funds for the landlord in (if there is more than 1 trust/client bank account. A drop down box will appear)

3. Click the Rental Ledger Balances Link.

4. Click on the green New Owner Ledger button.

Enter the Ledger Details and Save:

5. If the owner is already in your contacts list, this will match when you start typing and some fields will auto-populate.

6. Only properties without ledgers will appear in the list, select one and the ledger title will auto-populate. If the property isn't loaded yet type in the ledger title. 

7. Select Cheque or EFT.

8. Add payment details. 

9. Your Chart of Accounts will include an equity code to use for owner payments. 

10. If you have an expenditure limit, enter it here. 

11. Tick all options that apply (options will depend on your account) 

12. Set one or both delivery types. 

13. Select one of the 4 options; 2 for residential and 2 for commercial.