Income invoices are used to raise charges against tenants or other contacts for non-rent items.  See Invoicing Rent for instructions on raising rent invoices.

Raise income invoices using the + quicklinks menu, from the Invoices tab of the tenancy or from the Income and Expenses area.

If the invoice is raised from the tenant invoices area, some fields will be already filled in.

1. Select the related property, tenancy & applicable PDF template

2. The TO section should always be the legal entity of the lease (accounts contact), select the issue date & due date. Service Date is defaulted to ON in company settings and will show on the invoice.  Service Date allows you to determine which budget period the Income Invoice can be allocated to.  If left blank the invoice will default to the Due Date as the determinant.  Select a reference if any (please note this is not the online payment reference). 

3. Enter the description, unit price, applicable Chart of account code & GST. By selecting the add line button this will allow a second invoice description & amount. 

4. You can attach a copy of any applicable invoice here, the tenant will receive a copy with their invoice.

5. You can select whether to save as draft, save and submit for approval, save and approve or save, approve & email to the tenant.