Before you can use your trust account, the Conversion Balances need to be entered, for accounts with many ledgers or un-presented items, this is easiest done by importing the details.  For brand new and smaller accounts with no un-presented items the conversion balances can be entered manually.

The following information can be imported using a template spreadsheet:

  • Opening balance date
  • Bank balance at the start of that day
  • Un-presented payments
  • Un-presented deposits
  • Rent paid to dates and part payments for tenants (this can also be done separately)
  • Bond balances (this can also be done separately)
  • Ledger balances

To access the Conversion Balance template:
  • select Trust Accounts or Client Accounts from the green menu
  • select the trust account to convert
  • click the large red tile:

  • click Import Conversion on the top right corner
  • use the link to download an excel template
  • Complete the details in the spreadsheet
  • Browse for the completed spreadsheet, if there are any errors on the sheet a list will be displayed
  • if the details are valid, preview and select Import