Bank statement information can be downloaded from your bank, and imported into your Trust or Client Account.

Supported file types include:

  • OFX (recommended type) version 1.0.2 only
  • QIF
  • TXN
  • CSV (as CSV file formats vary, not all files will work, where possible download other options from your bank)
OFX is the recommended file type, when you import an OFX file, the system recognises and ignores statement lines you've already imported.  With all other file types it is possible to accidentally import duplicate transactions, take care to check the previous import dates before downloading your file from the bank.
To import a file:
  • Select Trust Accounts or Client Accounts on the green menu
  • Select the account you want to import the statement for
  • Click Bank Statements at the bottom of the page or the blue bank statements tile

Click Import Bank Statement

  • Click Choose File
  • Browse and select your file from the bank
  • For some file types, select a date format and enter statement dates
  • Click Submit