Once bank statement transactions have been imported or manually created, they can be reconciled. After importing a bank transaction file the statement will show on the screen.

To reconcile a Trust Account:

  • Select Trust Accounts on the green menu
  • Select the account you want to import the statement for
  • Click Bank Statements at the bottom of the page

Select the unreconciled list.

Reconciliation Screen

Transactions from the file appear on the left side of the screen, invoices and disbursements from Re-Leased will show on the right side.

  1. Any transactions where the reference and amounts are a perfect match will show in green.  Click OK All at the top to process receipts for all of these transactions.
  2. Use Find and Match on any transaction to select the invoice or payment it relates to.

Using Find and Match

After processing all the green, and correctly matched, orange lines, use Find and Match to complete the reconciliation of all other transactions. 

1. Search for specific tenants using the search bar

2. Create a suspense transaction.

3. Apply to the tenancy ledger should you know the tenant but not know which invoice the payment relates too

You may also find that a tenant has short paid the invoice you can use the split function in order to allocate the part payment. 

See Holding Funds for Tenants articles and the Suspense video articles