To add or remove a tenancy the budget needs to be modified.  

The Wash Up function only applies at the end of a budget, in the case of a tenant vacating part way through a period a manual analysis of the actual expenses is required.  Any shortfall or excess in invoiced amounts needs to be charged or credited by the user.

The same applies at the end of the budget period, if a tenant has only occupied for part a of a year, the wash-up invoices will require alteration.

1.  Access the budget from the property file, or by using the link on the tenancy summary

2.  Select the current budget from the list and then click Modify Budget.  You will confirm you want to do this on the next screen.

3.  Edit All or click on each item.  Change the Vacated tenants share to 0%, if they have already been Archived they will not be visible after Edit All is selected.  If the new tenant has been loaded they will appear with the outgoings % from their tenancy details.  Save the changes.


4. Approve the Budget.  For a change of tenants, it is recommended to do this using Skip and Approve.  Take note of the new tenants share, and add it to the rent template manually.   If Save and Approve is selected instead each tenancy will be updated with a new rent template.

5. Confirm 

This message is shown where 'Skip and Approve' selected: