Re-Leased Property Management Software leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Our servers are hosted in global Azure Data Centres and geo-replicated to multiple international locations at any given time to maintain Fault-Tolerance & Redundancy. The Azure service replicates multiple redundant copies of our data to multiple physical servers in real time to maintain data availability and business continuity. In the case of a hardware failure, Windows Azure provides automatic failover to optimise availability.

Malicious or accidental removal of data is mitigated by the fact that the software and data are not stored on any local hardware or exposed in a manner, which a client could directly access or manipulate them.

From a security perspective. The Azure platform is designed to provide “Defence in Depth,” reducing the risk that failure of any one security mechanism will compromise the security of the entire environment. The Defence in Depth layers include: Filtering Routers, Firewalls, Cryptographic Protection of Messages, Software Security Patch Management, Monitoring, and Network Segmentation.

A full technical overview of the Azure hosting platform security features can be found at ''Microsoft Azure security overview''