Navigate to the Settings Menu to access Trust Account settings.  BPAY file formats are able to be set for each Trust Account. During the creditor disbursement process, a separate file is created which can be uploaded to your banking platform. The available options are; 

ANZ Transactive

Commonwealth Bank CommBiz

Macquarie Batch Payment

National Australia Bank
CSV for Westpac Live
Bendigo Bank

If none of these formats are correct for you, you will be unable to create a BPAY file compatible with your bank. You may select one of the available file formats and still process disbursements with the BPAY payment method, but will need to complete the payments at the bank manually.
To Set up Creditor contacts for BPAY Creditors 

Navigate to the creditor contact and select the payments section

A backup payment method is required, select cheque if bank account details are unavailable.

Entering BPAY references against the Property

Navigate to the property page & select Contacts then select BPAY creditors &  +add creditor. 

If you have more the one Customer Reference Number per property for the same creditor, you will be required to add a second creditor contact. We would suggest using the creditor name & Area title in the contact name.