There are a few possible reasons why funds may not be paid out in full to a landlord when a disbursement is processed.

Trust Account Settings (these can be changed from Settings Menu > Trust Accounts for each account):

  1. The funds may not be cleared - note, editing these settings will not change clearance times on previously receipted funds;
  2. Reserve funds across ledgers might be activated, this holds back money from owners of multiple properties if a ledger balance is lower than the amounts due on expense invoices.  In this situation, you may transfer funds between an owners ledger to allow payment of the expenses or alter the settings to fully disburse the owners other ledgers.

Other Reasons:

  1. There may be expense invoices, that fall within the date range specified for a disbursement;
  2. There may be fees raised;
  3. There may be a withhold.

The fast way to see this information is on the Trust Account Ledgers page: