A Bond or Deposit is often paid at the commencement of a tenancy, held for the duration of the tenancy, either by the agency who collected it, a 3rd party authority or the owner of the property.  At the conclusion of the tenancy, those funds are refunded, less any debts to the tenant.

*** NOTE*** Terminology for this varies by location.  If you are in the UK, this is referred to in Re-Leased as a 'Deposit', for the rest of the world it is referred to as a 'Bond'.  Global examples are used in the images, however, the software functions do not vary for users in the UK, as these names are simply a different label on the same field.  The location and colour of the buttons does not vary from the examples in the images.  Similarly, where we refer to a 'Trust Account', this is the same meaning as 'Client Account' for UK users.

For Residential Tenancies there is an opportunity to raise the Bond Invoice during the New Tenancy Wizard.  Bonds raised during a Residential Tenancy Wizard default to being held by the Bond Authority connected to the trust account that the Property Ledger is within.  Ensure the amount and dates are correct before selecting Next.  If the Bond or Deposit is to be held in the agents trust or client account, or paid to the property owner you should skip this step and add the invoice as described below after the tenancy has been set up.

A New Bond invoice can be raised within the tenancy file, the steps here can also apply to a Bond Increase where the top up amount needs to be invoiced. Open the Tenancy the bond will be applied to, and select Bonds on the left side menu and click New Bond Invoice.

On the invoice screen, select where the Bond will be held. The options are: Bond Authority, Bonds Ledger and Property Owner.  If Bond Authority is selected, there will be an option to nominate which Bond Authority.  The invoice cannot be changed to a different type or edited to a different amount later, if a mistake is made, void the invoice and raise another.

Your default settings for Bond Ledger, Account and amount of bond should all populate, but any item can be adjusted as required. Check or update the dates before saving the invoice.

Funds can be reconciled to the Bond Invoice in the same way as rent or other amounts.  If the payment is to be held by a 3rd party authority or the property owner, it will appear on the Bonds page when a disbursement is processed.

The Bond record may be edited and a lodgement reference added at any time by selecting the menu option to edit reference.