Select Bonds on the left menu of the Tenancy, then Prepare to Refund.

 1. Click Prepare to Refund

 Divide the amount held among the options of a refund to the tenant, transfer to owner or transfer to the tenancy ledger.  Use the tenancy ledger option if you want to be able to apply the funds to invoices:

1. These funds will be available when running a disbursement that includes bonds

2. This amount will be transferred to the owner's ledger. Transfers do not attract fees or show as income on reports 

3. This amount will be transferred to the tenancy ledger, where it can be applied to invoices, any remaining funds can also be refunded later

4. Click Continue

If the tenant is receiving a refund, update the Tenancy Invoice Contact with payment method and, if applicable, banking details, then run a Disbursement using a profile which includes Bonds.  The bonds to be refunded will appear on the same page as bonds to be lodged, in orange text so that they look different.