If someone pays you by cash or cheque you are able to apply the funds to an invoice and produce a receipt for them. The example below is for two payment methods but you can apply one payment method for the as many invoices as required.

This video runs for approx 4:05

1. There are a couple of options on where to start the process.

  • Go into the tenancy and click on the process payment button.

  • Use the quick link + button on the black banner on your page

  • Go into the income/expenses tab and process there.

2. Select the invoice you want to apply the funds to, if there is a part payment you can type over the amount to pay. 

  • Select payment method and complete the details.

Cash Payment

Cheque Payment

3. Once you select pay you will be able to print the receipt for the payee. Now you will need to create a bank deposit for these funds. See help article Bank Deposits.

4. Once the funds have been received by the bank and you have downloaded the bank statement to reconcile the two receipts will be there for you to reconcile with the statement.