This video runs for 2:18

1.You may need to reverse a receipt in some cases, in order to do so the easiest way is to go to the invoice you wish to reverse the payment on and click on the "less payment" button.

2. You will then see all of the payments made to that invoice:

3. Click on the Reconciled button and this will take you back to the bank statement and payment highlighted in blue to the payment receipt.

4. You can see that there is the option to dishonor or unreconcile. If the unreconcile box is not blue you will be unable to reverse the transaction, this means the funds have already been disbursed from the ledger the payment was initially paid to.

5. Click on unreconcile, you will have the option to unreconcile, unreconcile and reverse the transaction or cancel.

6. Click on unreconcile and reverse, this will allow you to allocate the funds elsewhere. The statement will now show this transactions as unreconciled and the invoice unpaid.