Select Prepare to Refund on the Bonds tab of the Tenancy (clients in the UK should substitute the word Bond for Deposit, all other functions are the same):

Divide the amount held among the options of refund to tenant, transfer to owner or transfer to the tenancy ledger. 

Use the tenancy ledger option if you want to be able to apply the funds to invoices.

If the refund is paid direct to the tenant by the authority, tick the 'Bond authority has sent funds directly to the Tenant'.

An income invoice will be raised for the amount which will be received in trust.  Save and Approve it to proceed with processing the refund.

Once funds are reconciled to the Bond Refund Income Invoice:

  • Tenant refund portion will be available to disburse, update the Tenancy Invoice Contact with payment details, and then process a disbursement using a profile that includes bonds.  The refunds will show on the same page as bonds to be lodged, the text will be orange instead of black so you can tell them apart (see image below).
  • The transfer to owner portion will be transferred to the property ledger from the bonds ledger.  It will show in the 'Transfers' section of the owner statement.
  • The transfer to tenancy ledger portion will be transferred to the tenancy ledger from the bonds ledger.  View the tenancy ledger for options to apply these funds to invoices or refund.