If the bond was held by the owner please see the steps below to refund those funds to the tenancy. 

Select the Bonds Tab under the tenancy & then select prepare to refund from the 3 lines

1. The amount to refund the tenant or transferred to the tenancy ledger needs to be available in the owner's ledger to continue the refund process.

If the owner is sending funds to trust to top up their ledger for the refund, set up an income invoice using a suitable chart of account, like contributions from the owner or similar.

Funds will be moved from the owner's ledger to the bonds ledger or to the tenancy ledger depending on the option chosen when completing the bond refund.

If the tenant is receiving a refund, update the Tenancy Invoice Contact with payment details, and then process a Disbursement using a profile that contains Bonds.  The bonds to be refunded show in the orange text on the same page as bonds to be lodged.