Repeating expense invoices can be used for any kind of regular expense.

1. Select Income & Expenses on the navigation bar

2. Select Repeating Expenses

Filling in the invoice template

  1. Set how often this invoice should repeat in days, weeks, months or years. Select when the first invoice should generate & due date. You can also choose to set it to draft, awaiting approval or approved. 
  2. Select the related property & tenancy if applicable & also set the applicable creditor. You can also choose to enter a reference. If a related property is selected, there's an option to use default ledgers based on the Property and Account. These are set up under the Property's > Ledger page.
  3. Complete the details of the expense invoice, description, amount & chart of account code to be used. You may also choose to attach a scanned copy of the expense invoice.

The draft is handy when charges vary but you want a reminder of who to raise charges for, for instance with metered power.  

The invoices generate to the draft invoice list where you can add the pricing and approve them;

Tick Email approved invoices if the status is Approved, and the invoices will be automatically emailed;