The User Roles feature allows administrators to restrict specific areas of the program from certain users. This is done via Settings > Maintain User Roles.

All users must have a role assigned to them. By default, any users who existed prior to February 2017 will have had full access across the entire system and as such will have the Administrator role assigned to them by default. These users can be assigned to different roles if needed from within their user profile.

By default, Re-Leased has four roles that you might like to start using. They are Administrator, Account Manager, Property Manager and Read Only. There must be at least (1) Administrator against your accountthey have full access throughout the application. For a brief overview of the feature please watch the video below:

For a full breakdown on what the different roles will allow a user to do please follow the link below:

Default User Roles and associated permissions

You can also create your own profiles for a more customised approach. Go to Settings > Maintain User Roles and select Create New User Role. Give it a title and then select the areas of the application that the user should have access to. For a simple overview of what each permission allows access to please follow the links below.