PermissionGrants access to...RequiresRequired By
Has access to income and expenses
Displays the main Income & Expenses menu item so users can access a view and download existing invoices. Also enables and unhides any links, buttons or tabs throughout the system that will take you to an invoice e.g. the Invoices tab of a property or tenancy.

Can create invoice/credit noteAllows users to create new invoices or credit notes from the main Income & Expense screen as well as other places throughout the system like generating rent invoices for Tenancies. Users will also have the ability to process bulk expense invoices. Invoices and credit notes can only be created as draft or awaiting approval unless the 'Can approve invoice/credit note' permission is granted.

Can approve invoice/credit noteUsers will be able to create invoices or credit notes as approved, as well as approve any existing invoices with a status of Draft or Awaiting Approval.Can create invoice/credit noteHas access to bonds
Can edit invoice/credit noteUsers can edit the invoice and/or credit note details.

Can delete invoice/credit noteAllows users to delete any draft invoices or credit notes.Can edit invoice/credit noteHas access to bonds
Can void invoice/credit noteAllows users to void any approved invoices or credit notes.Can edit invoice/credit noteHas access to bank statements
Has access to bonds
Can process paymentsAllows users to manually process payments.
Has access to bank statements
Can disburse funds
Has access to invoices without property/tenancy
Allows users to manage invoices without a property or tenancy.