RequiresRequired By
Has access to Trust AccountingDisplays the Trust Accounts menu icon, giving users read-only access to general Trust Accounting information like bank balances, ledger names and balances and recent disbursements or close of periods.

  • All Trust Accounting permissions
Can disburse fundsAllows users to perform disbursements via the disbursement wizard, sale settlement or refunding tenant ledger funds.
  • Can modify ledgers
  • Can access trust accounting reports
  • Can raise manual fees
  • Can process payments
  • Can edit contact details
  • Accounting settings visible

Can close a periodAllows users to close a period.
  • Can access trust accounting reports

Has access to bank statementsUsers are able to view and manage bank statements from the Trust Account, as well as via invoice links.
  • Can void invoice/credit note
  • Can process payments

Has access to bank depositsUsers can record bank deposits for any processed payments.
  • Can access trust accounting reports

Can modify ledgersGives users full access to ledgers, including links to ledgers from other areas like Properties and Contacts.

  • Can disburse funds
Can access Trust Accounting reportsAccess Trust Accounting reports is removed from the reports screen,

  • Has access to bank deposits
  • Can close a period
Has access to bondsAllows users to process bonds from the main Bond area in Trust Accounting as well as the Bonds tab in a tenancy.
  • Can approve invoice/credit note
  • Can edit invoice/credit note
  • Can void invoice/credit note

Can raise manual feesAllows users to raise manual fees for Contacts, Properties or Tenancies.