SectionPermissionAdministratorAccount ManagerProperty ManagerRead Only
Dashboard PermissionsGlobal calendarYYYY

Can view event detailsYYYN

Can access analyticsYYYY

Can access maintenance hubYYYN

Can create/edit maintenance tasksYYYN

Can manage maintenance quotes & work ordersYYYN

Can complete maintenance tasksYYYN

Can access inspection hubYYYN

Can create/edit inspection tasksYYYN

Can complete inspection tasksYYYN

Can access arrears

Property PermissionsHas access to propertiesYYYY

Can create a new propertyYYYN

Can edit property detailsYYYN

Can archive propertyYYYN

Can restore propertyYYYN

Can import new propertiesYYYN

Tenancy Permissions

Has access to tenancies


Can create a new tenancy  YYYN

Can edit tenancy details  YYYN

Can archive tenancy  YYYN

Can restore tenancy  YYYN

Can import tenancies  YYYN

Income and Expenses PermissionsHas access to income and expensesYYYN

Can create invoice/credit noteYYYN

Can approve invoice/credit noteYYYN

Can edit invoice/credit noteYYYN

Can delete invoice/credit noteYYYN

Can void invoice/credit noteYYYN

Can process paymentsYYYN

Has access to invoices without property/tenancyYYYN

Can create tax returnsYNNN

Trust Accounting PermissionsHas access to trust accountingYYNN

Can disburse fundsYYNN

Can close a periodYYNN

Has access to bank statementsYYNN

Has access to bank depositsYYNN

Can modify ledgersYYNN

Can access trust accounting reportsYYNN

Has access to bondsYYNN

Can raise manual feesYYNN

Has access to non-resident tax NNNN

Contact PermissionsHas access to contactsYYYY

Can create a new contactYYYN

Can edit contact detailsYYYN

Can archive contactYYYN

Can restore contactYYYN

Can export contactsNN

Document PermissionsHas access to documentsYYYN

Can create a new documentYYYN

Can edit document detailsYYYN

Can archive documentsYYYN

Can restore documentsYYYN

Can download documentsYYYN

Report PermissionsHas access to reportsYYYY

Settings PermissionsHas access to settingsYYYN

Company & User settings visibleYNNN

General settings visibleYYYN

Accounting settings visibleYYYN

Add-on and Integration settings visibleYNNN

Communication settings visibleYYYN

Can import dataYYYN

User can manage other users

User can manage subscriptions