Access fee rules from the Settings Menu.  Fees only apply to Companies with Trust Accounts.

To charge a fee based on a type of income or expense, use this option.

  1. Start from Settings Menu > Fees > New Fee Rule Definition
  2. Add a title. The Title is how the fee appears on the owners Landlord Statement
  3. Select the fee type 'Property Fee'
  4. Enter the raised at the occurrence of, 'Money in/out of an Account'
  5. Add the 'accounts effected by this rule' which are all the income or expense codes that should trigger a fee.  If this rule is based on income, it doesn't matter how the income is raised - income from rent invoices, income invoices and repeating income invoices are all treated the same way
  6. Adjust the tick-boxes to charge this fee on money on or money out. It is possible to use both options, but there are very few examples of when this would happen, usually it is one or the other.
  7. Select the appropriate expense code that the owner should see on their Financial Summary and Financial Details reports.
  8. Selecting 'Apply to New' will automatically apply this fee rule to any new properties entered.  After entering the new property, the fee rate can be adjusted on the Property > Fees page.
  9. Set the amount as either a flat fee or a %.  Whichever option is selected is applied each time a receipt is made.
  10. Select Effective immediately, or set a date for the fee to commence.
  11. Save and Continue to proceed to selecting properties.
  12. Deselect any properties which are not to be charged this fee at all, then Save and Continue.  

The following page confirms the details of the new rule, 'Confirm and Save' on that page, and then select 'Continue'.

To adjust the rate for any property, click back onto the fee rule name in the list, and Customise as required:

Once customised, the new rate will show in the list: