If a Landlord ledger is no longer being used you are able to archive the ledger. You will still be able to search for archived ledgers as well as having the ability to un-archive the ledger if needed. 

PRINT ALL REPORTS BEFORE ARCHIVING THE LEDGER, including Financial Details and Financial Summary if required.  Archived ledgers are not included when running these reports - keep end of financial year reporting in mind when archiving ledgers.

Go into the Trust Account tab and find the ledger you are archiving.

Click on the ledger.

Select Edit ledger.

Select the archive button. 

You can only archive a ledger if:

  • The current balance is zero;
  • There are no uncleared funds;
  • There are no unpaid fees;
  • There are no active invoices or credit notes;
  • There is no rent for an active tenancy.

If none of the above applies a note will warn you that 'A Ledger Report will no longer be available for this ledger once archived - If this report is a requirement then you must print the report BEFORE archiving.' Print if necessary, and confirm archiving by selecting the Red Button 'Archive this Ledger'.