An owner group, sometimes referred to as a syndicate, is a group of individuals who each have a share in ownership of a property and require the payments to be split.

Add a new Owner Group by adding a new contact, set the Type to Owner Group which will bring up the 'Owner Group Members' tab option on the left hand side of the contact page.

Add details of the Owner Group representative.  NOTE: Only the email address against this contact can access the Landlord Portal, Owner Group Members are not able to access this facility with their own email addresses.

Select the Payment Method to Cheque, EFT and hence Bank Account details are not relevant as each owner will have bank details loaded against individual contact.  Select the normal account for Owner Disbursements, set Expenditure Limit as required, and select Disbursement Profiles.

There is no need to add members to the 'Sent copy of Owners Statement to' section, group members automatically receive a statement when statements are produced during a disbursement.

Once the Owner Group contact has been saved, members can be added.  Owner Group members need to be set up as contacts with the type 'Owner' before being added to the group.