Funds to be disbursed to an owner may be withheld from a disbursement at any time. To withhold funds on an owner ledger:

1. Click Trust Accounts

2. Click Rental Ledger Balance

In Trust Account Ledgers:

1. Click the Rental tab

2. In Search Ledgers, enter a ledger name, then click Go, or

3. Locate the desired ledger

4. Click the Withheld Amount

In Withhold Amount:1. In Withhold Amount, enter the amount to be withheld from an owner ledger

2. Click Withhold fee payments to withhold any fee disbursements (such as management fees) in addition to the withheld amount

3. In Withhold Until, enter a date. Re-Leased will disburse the withheld funds after this date.

To withhold funds for an indefinite period, do not enter a date in the Withhold Until field.

4. Enter a reason for withholding funds. The reason will not display on the owner statement.

5. Click Save

Multiple Withhold Amounts

Multiple amounts can be withheld at the same time. To view existing withheld funds on an owner ledger, on the Trust Account Ledger screen:1. Click the Withheld Amount

1. Click Edit to edit an existing withheld amount

2. Click Archive to remove an existing withheld amount

3. Click Add New to add a new withheld amount

4. Click Delete All to remove all withheld amounts

5. Click Close to return to the Trust Account Ledgers screen

Important to Know

Withheld funds can also be applied to an owner ledger while disbursements are being processed.