Access your Forms and Agreements templates by selecting Templates on the Settings menu. Templates are shared across all of your companies. Each company can have separate branding by using the options to Manage Header/Footer.

The Forms and Agreements Templates list shows the name of each template.  

1. Add a new template by clicking the green Create Form/Agreement Template button on the top right of the screen, or use the option to create a copy of an existing template. 

2. Click the blue template name link to open an existing template to make changes or archive it.

What's in the Template

  1. Each template has a title. This will be displayed in the list of available templates when generating a new form or agreement so it's helpful if the title is descriptive.
  2. Tick if this template should use your header/footer, this will be your header and footer for letters.
  3. The toolbar provides multiple formatting tools to customise your template as required.
  4. Click Merge Fields to include placeholders into your text. These will be populated with actual data from your file when the document is generated. See here for a full list of the merge fields and their descriptions.
  5. When you have finished making changes, click Save.
  6. To preview the layout of your template click Preview Template. Note that mock data will be used for the preview here, not actual data from your files.

When editing an existing template, you may also permanently remove it with the option to Archive

See also Merging and Sending Forms and Agreements Documents