If you add properties to your account using the import tools, they are not automatically added to the fee rule. You can add, remove and customise properties from a rule by editing it.  Adding and removing Owners and Tenancies from Owner Fee Rules and Tenancy Fee Rules works the same way.

Select the rule to add or remove Properties from the list accessed by clicking Fees on the Settings Menu, or the Property Fee Rules button on the Fees tab of the Property page.

If you are customising fee rules for individual properties, this can be customised on this page (below) without the need to edit the rule entirely. 

If you are changing the fee rule of its entirety, select Edit at the bottom of the page.

Select Save and Continue to go to the property selection page.

Not all fields of the fee rule can be adjusted, this will depend on what type the fee is.  Changes made on this page can be applied to all, and all non-customised properties.  The Title is what appears on the landlord's statement.

  • To add and remove properties: Select Do Not Apply above the list to set all entries to Leave As Is.  If the rule was not previously applied to a property it will show with Don't Apply beside it.
  • Select Update beside a property to update it to match any changes made on the previous page.  Select Remove to remove a property from the rule.  These options are available for properties which were already included in the rule.
  • Select Add to add a property to the rule, or Don't Apply to continue excluding it.  This option is only available if the property was not previously included in the rule.

Carefully check the rule summary and the Apply column, then click Confirm and Save.  You cannot go back after this step.

You'll get a message that the rule was updated successfully.  Customise any rates by clicking back into the rule from the fees list, and selecting Customise beside any property.