The Financial Details Report details income and expenditure for selected periods and presents it divided according to Chart of Account selected on the invoice.  This report is recommended as an alternative to or complement for the Financial Summary Report and can be emailed to multiple owners at the same time.

This report can be accessed by Reports, selecting the Trust Accounting heading on the Reports menu.

1. Select the Company you wish to generate the report for

2. Choose the Bank Account (Trust Account)

3. Select the date range for the report

4. Tick Date Override button if needed, also select Include Archived Ledgers if needed

5. Select Owners to Include, include all or selected owners

6. Choose Chart of Account, or leave blank for all 

Generate Report on Screen, Print as PDF (see optional landscape pdf), Download to CSV or Email Report. It is suggested the reports are checked before emailing.

If the tick box is chosen for Date Override, a warning message will pop up- The information for these dates may not match your close of period or statement dates as the date range uses whole days. Close of period reports and owner statements can be part of a day (as at a moment in time). Use the month selector to ensure that your reports line up.

If a specific chart of account was selected the report will only show items using that code.  If none is selected, all income and expenses are included.  Click on any invoice number to view the invoice, and if required edit the invoice to change the Chart of Account used.

Each Chart of Account used for this property will be listed separately. The report also includes Owner Transfers and Bond Refunds.

If Email is selected, all owners included in the report criteria will receive their Financial Details report as a single PDF for all properties.  A template for the email can be created under Correspondence templates and be applied to the email.

This is sent as per below:

After the emails are sent, any which were unable to be emailed will be available for download.