The Events Report provides a list of events presented by event type, property and tenancy. You can refine the report to show events for a specific Company, Property Manager, Delegated User or Property, then drill down to view specific details for the included events.

The report can be filtered by:

  • Companies - The report can be run for one or all companies. The company in use at the time the report is opened is selected by default.
  • Property Manager - Events can be included for just one or all property managers. All Property Managers is selected by default.  If a Manager is selected, the Properties to Include will show only the properties managed by the selected Property Manager.
  • Delegated To - The report can be run for one or all delegated users.
  • Status - The report can be run for either Completed, Upcoming or Overdue events. A status must be selected.
  • Event Types to Include - One or more event types can be selected. At least one event type must be selected.
  • Properties to Include - Events can be included for one or more properties. At least one property must be entered. 
  • Hide Tenancy Breakdown - Tick this box to show events by Property only

Event Status Options

The report provides three event status options - Complete, Upcoming and Overdue. Each status requires different date filters to refine the events included in the report.

When Complete is selected, you will also need to specify the Completed From Date and Completed To Date (these dates must be in the past). The report will return all events that are completed within these two dates.

An End Date is required if Upcoming is selected. Any events (except Term Renewals) that are due from the day the report is run to the Upcoming End Date are included. Any Term Renewals that start from the day the report is run up to or on the Upcoming End Date will be included.

If Overdue is selected, you will need to specify an Overdue As At Date. Any events that were due up to or on the specified date and were incomplete at the specified date will be included.

The dates specified will be reflected in the Report Heading along with any filters selected.

When the report is generated, you can click the links provided to view a sub-report by Type, Property or Tenancy, with specific details about each event. 

The details displayed on the sub-report will differ for each Event Type.