Re-Leased provides integration with your personal calendars so you can view your Re-Leased events from your Google, Office365 or Outlook calendar.

First, you will need to enable the integration for each calendar from Add-Ons and Integrations under the Company Settings.  

Each user can then go to their own User settings to connect Re-Leased to their calendar.

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Select the calendar you want the events to appear on and the date to start synchronising events.  Any events that occur from this date will be added to your calendar.

Events will then be pushed out to your personal calendar.  

The automatic sync between Re-Leased and your calendar will occur every 5 minutes.

If the event or any information within it is updated in Re-Leased, the event on your personal calendar will be updated, which includes changes to dates and times.  Please note that any changes you make to the event on your personal calendar will not be reflected in Re-Leased.

Each event will be added as an all-day event, except for Inspections which will be scheduled on your calendar according to the start and end times of the Inspection.

The information provided in the event will generally match the information provided in the Re-Leased calendar event.  A link back to the original calendar event in Re-Leased is also provided.

If you have Advanced Notifications set up in your User settings, a reminder will be added to the event according to those settings. 

Please note once you have enabled the integration and choose to disable this setting. All calendar notifications will remain.