You can create different templates for your work orders and select which one to use each time you generate a new work order.  Access your Work Order templates by selecting Templates on the Settings Menu.  All templates created here will be shared across all of your companies.

The Work Order Templates list shows the name of each template.  From the main screen, you can Create a new Work Order template from scratch, open an existing template or create a new copy of an existing template.

Add text and format it to your liking. Merge fields specific to maintenance tasks and work orders are available for you to add to your template by clicking the blue buttons on the right.  When the Work Order is generated, these merge fields will be populated with information specific to the file you are working with. See here to view a full list of merge fields and their descriptions.

Click Save when you are happy with your template.

When creating a new work order, complete all relevant fields and click Save.  The Work Order will then be displayed using the default template.  You can change the template by selecting a different one from the drop-down box.