These default settings are available on the Rent & Outgoings tab, which will override the default company invoice options at a tenancy level.  

All rent and outgoings invoices generated from the tenancy templates will default to the settings specified here.

To edit these settings click the Default Tenancy Invoice Options button.

Invoice Options

1. Generate Invoice in Advance

If the invoice generator is turned on in the company settings, invoices will be generated according to the option selected here i.e. on the due date or x number of days before the due date.

2. Automatically Email Approved Rent and Outgoings Invoices that are Auto-Generated

When invoices are automatically generated, you can select whether to automatically email them out to tenants or not.

3. Rent Billing Basis is in Arrears

This option lets you specify whether rent and outgoings are invoiced at the beginning or end of the period and can be set at a company level which is then used as the default for all tenancies.  You can override that setting at a tenancy level, which will be the default setting for all invoices generated from a template for that tenancy.  You can also set this option at an invoice template level for all invoices generated from that specific template.