If you have set up the integration between your Fixflo and Re-Leased sites, you can take advantage of Fixflo's intuitive user interface to report new maintenance issues while still maintaining a record of the issue in Re-Leased.  Re-Leased will sync with Fixflo on a regular basis to create new tasks for any recently reported or closed issues.  

The Account Type selected in the Fixflo integration will determine how you interact with these tasks in Re-Leased:

Fixflo Standard

A standard subscription to Fixflo provides you with limited capability for processing reported issues, so it is likely most users will use Re-Leased for processing tasks.  Once a maintenance task has been created in Re-Leased you will have full access to all features of the Re-Leased maintenance workflow.  Any images attached to the reported issue, as well as the auto-generated job report sheet from Fixflo, will be attached to the task created in Re-Leased. 

Fixflo Plus

A plus subscription to Fixflo provides you with the extended suite of functionality so issues are likely to be processed in Re-Leased.  Fixflo issues can be recorded in Re-Leased for reference and reporting purposes only, so you will have read-only ability for all tasks that are created from a Fixflo Plus account.  You can easily access the Fixflo issue from within the Re-Leased task by clicking the link provided.  If an issue is closed in Fixflo, the Re-Leased task will also be closed during the next sync.

Matching Properties

During a sync, Re-Leased will create a new task for all newly reported issues in Fixflo.  It will use the address entered in the issue to identify the property to create the issue against, so the address in both systems must be identical in order for them to be matched.  If a match cannot be found, an email notification will be sent to your Fixflo Manager so they can correct any issues and ensure a match during the next sync.

If an issue has been closed in Fixflo, the Re-Leased task will also be updated and closed during the next sync.

Once a sync has completed and a task has been created successfully, the Fixflo Manager will receive an email notification to alert them to the new maintenance task.