This information is for users with Xero accounts.

Please note:  this solution is not suitable for Residential Tenancies and users with Client or Trust Accounting where the term should be vacated and a new tenant created to avoid the financial reports always showing both tenants information.

When a lease is assigned from one tenant to another (ie the new tenant is taking over the previous tenants terms) the tenancy can be updated to reflect this change without having to load a new tenancy.  This method simply changes who receives rent and outgoings invoices going forward for a tenancy, it does NOT prorate any partial periods, if your assignment does not occur on a due date you will need to raise once-off rent invoices for the 2 partial invoices.  Users with their accounts connected with Xero will have a separate statement and separate amounts owing for each contact.

Edit the Tenancy Details to update the contacts linked to the tenancy, and if applicable the tenancy name.

As soon as this change is made, all future rent and outgoings invoices will be linked to the new contacts, the invoices page show both tenants invoices, and the tenancy history report will be combined.

Any unpaid invoices which should be paid by the new tenant can be edited to link to the new tenancy account contact.

Repeating Invoices which are set up on the Income and Expenses pages will not be updated, these need to be edited to link to the new tenant.