To adjust which contacts are associated with a tenancy, select the Tenancy, and then Tenancy Details on the left side menu:

The Account, or Xero Invoice, contact is the name which will appear on invoices for this tenancy.  This can be changed to a different contact by removing the 'Contact Name' and typing a different name.  If the contact you type in does not already exist, you'll see 'NEW' show on the end of the line.

To make adjustments to the name of a contact for a tenancy (for example to correct spelling), the contact itself can be edited instead.  This will update how the name appears on any invoices and when viewing the Tenancy Summary.  Search for the contact using global search or click the name wherever you can see it (eg: on an invoice or list of invoices, on the tenancy summary, in the contacts list).

Additional contacts can be associated with this tenancy using the +Add Contact option.

The Primary and Accounts contact default to receive All Tenancy Notices for rent arrears and inspections.  Specify if these notices should also be sent to any additional contacts: