There are three ways you can apply a tag to a property:


Tags can be applied to your Property, Tenant or contact. Enter one or more letters to view any matching existing tags.  If the tag you are after doesn't exist, continue typing to create and apply a new tag.

1. Go into Properties on your dashboard 

2. Click on the property where you want to add a tag

3. Click on Property Details 

4. Scroll down to Tags 

Importing tags 

1. Click on Setting on the dashboard

2. Scroll down to Tags

3. Click Import to import spreadsheet or you may create a new tag manually by clicking create new tag 

4. Click on Tag and press save 


1. Select Tenancies 

2. Click on Tenancy Details 

3. Add your Tag here 


1. Select Contacts 

2. Click New Contact

3. Add Tag here and save