My Calendar, as seen on the dashboard, will show events for all properties where you are the property manager, and any task or event which has been assigned to you. The Global Calendar lets you see tasks and events of all other property managers. The Calendar is the main part of the Dashboard and contains a visual list of the upcoming events for you and your Companies. 

You can filter the global calendar to see only the tasks and events of specific property managers. 

The events in the Calendar are all defined in Re-Leased. At the bottom of your calendar you will see a list of checkboxes which can you can tick/un-tick to customise which events and tasks appear on your calendar.

Viewing the Details and Editing them

Each of the items in the Calendar can be viewed or edited via the Calendar.

Click on any item and you will see the details associated with it.

There will also be options to go to the item in the system. For instance, clicking on a ‘Inspection Due’ item will give you the option to:

  1. Mark the inspection complete through the calendar 
  2. View/ Edit the inspection
  3. View/ Edit / Complete the inspection through the property or tenancy.

Item Status

If an item is due in the future there will be no status indicator.

When an item becomes due, there will be an exclamation mark '!' next to it, and it will show on the Today To Do's list, on the right hand side of your dashboard. Once it becomes overdue, it will move to the Overdue To Do's list. The exclamation mark will display until the item is completed. If an item is completed, there will be a check mark next to it indicating you have completed the item.