The quick links bar across the top of all Re-Leased screens allows the user to quickly locate information and perform tasks without the need to navigate through the system. Becoming familiar with using the search and add functions can save considerable time and effort.

  1. All Companies will display the name of whichever company you are working on at the time.
  2. Add a new property, note or contact, process payments or add invoices and credit notes. Users with Trust Accounting can also begin bank deposits, import a bank statement and begin a disbursement from the + Add menu.
  3. View Xero synchronisation. The name link will open your user account and allow changes to your settings and preferences.
  4. System Notices, this is where you will find Release notes for updates.
  5. Type in the search bar to find any type of record within Re-Leased, Click to open or use the action icons to perform tasks such as receipting rent, performing rent reviews and vacating terms for tenants, and adding maintenance, inspections and new tenancies to properties.
  6. Clicking your photo/initials shows options to change your personal account settings or sign out.

Using the + Quick Link Menu

Access options to add Properties, Income & Expenses, Contacts and Payments using the + button. Click into the links to perform any of these functions.

Xero,Stand-Alone and Trust Accounting Users have these options


Using the Search Function 

Start typing in the search bar and all matching properties, tenancies, documents and contacts will show in the list. The more you type, fewer items will match and there will be a smaller list to select from. Where there are too many results, the first 5 matches for each type will show, there is a link below the list to view more matches.

Click the name of the property, tenancy, document or contact to open that file.

Use the menu icons to the right of each search result to access further options:

  1. Properties: Add Tenancy; Add Maintenance; Add Inspection
  2. Tenancies: Receipt Payment; Vacate Current Term
  3. Documents: Download
  4. Contacts: Send Email; Mail Merge