Setting up your account: Add a company via Settings

1. Click Manage Companies

2. Click On Company Name to view or edit details

3. The Billing Group is your account name which is not visible to clients.  

To create a new company 

Part 1 - General Information and Postal Address


1. Company name: Name of the entity which owns or manages the properties.

2. Billing group: Your account name with Re-leased

3. Copy company settings: Copies general settings from another company                                     

4. Postal address: Address details entered here to show on invoices and report headers. For non-Xero users this information will appear on tenant invoices

5. Logo: Click on icon to upload a logo

6. Country: Sets the time zone

Part 2 - Invoicing

  1. If you are connecting to Xero, leave this section blank. If you are a trust accounting/client accounting or a stand-alone user, this information appears on tenant invoices.
  2. Generate Invoices: Can be on the due date or in advance. 
  3. Date for Advance Invoices: can be 'use the due date' or 'use the date the invoice is generated'.
  4. Invoices need to be raised as approved for automatic emailing to work.
  5. Default Billing Basis is in arrears: If left unticked, rent is due on the first date of the rental period, if ticked invoices will be due at the end of the period. Automatically Email Approved Rent and Outgoings Invoices: This can be overridden on a per tenancy basis, invoices only email if they are generated as Approved and the contact has a valid email address. For rent invoices to send, advanced settings within the tenancy need to be switched to automatic emailing. Enable Invoice GeneratoInvoices are only generated if this option is selected. Enable Notes allows notes from properties and tenancies to be displayed when adding and editing invoices.  The option also needs to be selected on Note Types which are to be shown (see General Settings)
  6. Set defaults for due dates on invoices entered manually.

Part 3: Quotes and Work Orders

Enter text to appear on Work Orders and Quote Requests.

Part 4: Defaults and Customisations

  1. Arrears Tabs and Advance Notification selected here will be issued to new users when they are added. Users can change these at any time in the My Account page.
  2. Units can be square metres or square feet, adjusting this preference does not perform any calculations on data.  IE: If a property was entered as 100 square meters then this setting was changed to feet, the property would show as 100 square feet.
  3. Optional field: select preferred inspection frequency applicable for repeating inspections, this can be overridden on a per inspection basis. 
  4. Custom property reference is available for all Properties and Tenancies. You can change the label for the field here.

Part 5: Security

Adjust which existing users can access this company, new users can be added in the Users page after the company is set up.

Part 6: KPI's

Optional: track winning and losing properties and tenancies.

Tick to enable and save or leave blank and save to continue

Xero Connection 

Select Connect to Xero to establish Xero connection. Tax Types and Chart of Accounts will copy from Xero to Re-Leased upon connection. Xero can be connected at a later date if necessary. 

This step is applicable to Xero users only. The Xero connection is 1:1 that is, one Re-Leased company can connect to only one Xero company, vice versa. 

Tax Types

After setting up Company, and Xero connection if Xero user, the company wizard process will show Tax Type field.

If you have connected with Xero, tax types will be showing. Once connected, Tax Types can only be changed in Xero.

If you are not connected to Xero, add required tax types now using the Create New Tax Type or Import buttons. 

Chart of Accounts

If you have connected with Xero, your Chart of Accounts will be showing. Once connected, Chart of Accounts can only be changed in Xero. Chart of Account codes added in Re-Leased prior to connecting with Xero will be merged with the Chart of Accounts in Xero when you connect. 

If you have not connected to Xero, add required Chart of Account codes now using the Create New Account or Import buttons. You will be unable to complete data entry for your Tenancies without the appropriate revenue Chart of Accounts set up. 


Add in any new users. You can import, invite or create a user. Import can be used to bulk upload users, inviting a user sends an email invitation to the user who then sets up their user details (including password), creating a new user sets up the new user with all details including a password. 

User roles can be seen to the right of the username and email. User roles are Administrator, Account Manager, Property Manager or Read Only.

Modify Company Settings

The minimum requirements for setting up a new company are now complete. 

Select Modify Company Settings to work through all the options available when setting up Properties and Tenancies and customise these to suit your portfolio. If you selected Copy Company Settings in Step 1 of the Company Set Up Wizard, or set up General Settings another time, select Skip this step to completing the new company set up.