1. You can add Company documents in the Documents menu.

2. To add a new Company Document, click on the New Document button.

3. Select the Company to which the document is relevant. Select a title for your document, you can also add a description and relevant tags. If relevant you can select a property or tenancy to which the document relates.  You have to attach a document to be presented with the option to 'Save and Upload'. You can attach documents by dragging them over your screen or using the browse options (grey upward-pointing option) to browse files and select relevant file to attach.

Adding Tenancy Documents

You can add tenancy documents the same way as adding a company document above. Tenancy documents can also be added through the tenancy by selecting the documents option. There are three options: Generate Forms and Agreements, New Document and New Folder. Further, you can download documents from this tab.

1. Select Tenancies Tab and search the tenant 

2. Select Document Tab 

3. Select whether you want to generate forms, add a new document or create a document

4. Download current document stored in the folder

Adding Property Documents 

You can add property documents through the general documents tab, as you add company documents. As with tenancy documents, you can add property documents through the property by selecting the documents option. There are two options: Create New Folder and New Document. Further you can also download documents from this page.

1. Select Properties Tab 

2. Select Document Tab 

3. Select whether you want to create a new folder or add a new document 

Each document can be up to 150MB.