Tracking is a feature in Xero that allows you to reference certain items into groups to allow analysis at a higher level.

Tracking is a point of integration between Xero and Re-Leased. This will allow a one-to-one mapping of a Xero Tracking Categories to a Re-Leased Property so that all transactions for the Property can be tracked and grouped together. These can then be used to produce reports within Xero.

Creating a Property Tracking Code

Tracking is set up in Xero. Use your Xero login to create a Tracking Category named Property and category options which contain a name for each property. For more information about using Tracking in Xero please refer to the Xero help guides.

Syncing with Re-Leased

To sync the Xero Tracking Categories into Re-Leased:

1. Click on the Settings menu (in Re-Leased)

2. Select the required Company, then Manage Add-ons

3. Select Xero

4. Click on the Sync tracking categories button

Once the sync is complete, the Tracking Category options will have been imported into Re-Leased.

Set the Re-Leased Company to use Property Tracking

You must now tell Re-Leased that the Company uses Property Tracking.

1. Click on the 'Settings' menu in Re-Leased

2. Click on the 'Manage companies' link

3. Select a Company

4. Scroll down to the Xero Integration area and use the drop-down to select your Property Tracking Category. Select to update the associated property on all invoices.

Assign each Tracking Code to each Re-Leased Property

Now that you have specified that Re-Leased is going to use Property Tracking, the Tracking Category Option for each Property can be set.

1. To associate a Property with a Tracking Category Option open the property file. The fastest way to open a property file is by performing a search in the black menu bar at the top of the screen. You may also browse to the property list by clicking Properties on the green menu.

2. Select Property Details on the left menu, scroll to the bottom to see Tracking Categories.

Using tracking when creating invoices

When creating invoices, there will now be a column for your Xero Tracking Category.

Selecting the Tracking Category Option will automatically set the Related Property field for you.

There is also a column for your Tracking Categories when setting up rent invoice templates for tenancies.